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    I built a midi tape-looper performance utility for Euroshield that may be interesting to some of you folks.

    It was inspired by the tape loop technique Brian Eno used in Music for Airports, but adapted to midi.
    You can get it here:

    Midi Looper records incoming note data (no CC or other MIDI data just yet) into a series of 4 looping MIDI sequences that play on channels 1 to 4. Sequences can be any length and are not currently clocked or linked in any way to allow polyrhythmic sequences to be created.

    To arm recording, press the Euroshield button. The Teensy amber LED will light to let you know a sequence is ready to be recorded.

    Play some notes. As soon as the Euroshield receives incoming note data it will begin recording.

    Press the Euroshield button again to stop recording. The recorded MIDI notes will immediately begin looping on the recorded channel, and the recording channel will be incremented by 1 (or set to channel 1 if channel 4 was recorded).

    Press the button again to arm recording on the next channel. Repeat as desired to fill the 4 sequences.

    Long press (more than one second) to clear all sequences and set the recording channel back to 1.
    Hope you have fun with it!

    Scott Metoyer

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    This is great! Thank you.