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Double VCO by John Jumper

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  • Double VCO by John Jumper


    I understand there are a few other who already have a euroshield. Well, to get this code sharing going I will upload the Double VCO code I demoed in my euroshield video.



    Upper input CV for VCO upper
    Lower input CV for VCO lower

    Upper output audio for VCO upper
    Lower output audio for VCO lower

    Upper knob selects the VCO waveform for VCO upper
    Lower knob selects the VCO waveform for VCO lower

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    ooooh, I would love to get my hands on. Looks cool!
    Curious to what options are avail? Can Multi-Programs or just single program applications be loaded?
    Where do I get? When available?


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      John: Nice work. Thanks for all the help.

      Sephult, we will make this available in June. You can learn more here.


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        It is a single program at a time. But the sky is the limit on what you can build into that one program. Well, maybe the memory is the limit. I am working on a Pi based Turing Machine now and will probably integrate the two codebases together into a single patch and allow you/me to switch between the two or run one output as a VCO and the other as a Turing Machine CV.

        Ha... I even have ideas about saving "patches" as audio to my BitBox so I can load configurations into euroshield ... that would be sweet.


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          also, if you want to switch functionality quickly for a live performance, you could have two teensy boards programmed differently and swap them out.

          You can reprogram it as often as you want. So you can change the functionality as often as you want.


          • Dan
            Dan commented
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            Can you hot swap the teensy boards?

          • pascalm
            pascalm commented
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            hot swapping teensy boards is not a good idea I think... destroyed 2 of them when working on the diy orgone accumulator some time ago

          • Christine
            Christine commented
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            Dan and Pascalm do bring up a good point. You shouldn’t hot swap the board. That means you would have to turn off power to the board and hence to the rack. That may not be practical for live performance.

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          Just ordered my euroshield. Can't wait until it arrives. I have been testing against a teensy 3.5 and the teensy audio shield, and that combination works great for line level audio stuff, but it's going to be really cool to have a proper dc coupled teensy interface that can handle the CV input of various euro modules.

          That being said, John Jumpers Double VCO code combines with the euroshield to provide a whole lot of bang for the buck. That's a dual oscillator for around $110 dollars. And karplus strong is a rarity in the modular world, so just to have that feature in a user select-able oscillator module is worth the price. I'm going to use the Double VCO code as a building block for all sorts of adventure. Thanks John! Kudos to 1010music!


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            JohnJumper this is terrific -- I just installed it, it's a lot of fun to play this with two sequences coming in from a KORG SQ-1!