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jbumTM - Turing Machine for EuroShield

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  • jbumTM - Turing Machine for EuroShield

    This is my attempt at a Turing-Machine style randomizing sequence. Also a good demonstration of how to output a CV with the Eurorack (which the none of the current samples do as of yet). This uses the button, the 4 LEDs, the 2 Knobs, the 2 CV inputs and 2 CV outputs. I haven't implemented MIDI yet, but will probably add it in the future.

    This is from a Tom Whitwell (Music Thing) design. It's good for making Steve Reich style patterns that slowly mutate. I don't own one, but I used the docs from the TwoHP TM (which has fewer ins/outs) and then minimized it a bit further. Usage docs are in the sample code. The button toggles between 4 modes. Clock goes into CV-IN-1. I made a nice patch with this using Pamela for the clock, and running the output into a ┬ÁScale quantizer and then into a Rings.

    Here it is in action.
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    That's very nice. Thanks for sharing it. I am enjoying the music in my rack right now.


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      This is a great example! Thanks for sharing it


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        That's nice work on the coding and a good demo.


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          Love it! What a fun sound. Nice job.


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            Just ordered my shield. This is going to be a fun sketch to use. Thank you for sharing your code!