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  • karaidon
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    Mono Delay FX

    I wrote some code to interface with the Delay FX that's part of the Teensy Audio Library:

    This was designed to work with Teensy 3.2, which due to the limited onboard memory is limited to about 400ms of delay. If you are using the newer Teensy versions you can increase the delay time by changing the maxDelayTime variable. Make sure to change the AudioMemory(200) call and increase the 200 value to ensure enough memory is allocated for the delay buffer.

    Upper Knob: Delay Time
    Lower Knob: Feedback Level

    Upper Input: Input Audio Signal
    Lower Input: Delay Time CV (Allows you to vary delay time by up to 50ms)

    Midi IO: Not Used

    Upper and Lower Outputs are mirrors of each other.