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    I'm going to build a standalone eurorack arpeggiator, but the Euroshield was the perfect platform to prototype it, code it up, do all that fun stuff without having to mess with breadboards or commit to a certain number of buttons and pots before I even knew exactly how many I wanted.

    This Euroshield arpeggiator receives MIDI input into the Euroshield from a keyboard, and sends arpeggios to a sound module via the Euroshield MIDI out. It is hard-coded currently to MIDI channel 1. The button controls the mode (off, non-latched, latched). The pots control settings like arpeggio direction (up, up+down, up+down with repeat at end) and whether to release the previous arp note before playing the next note, or after playing the next note (useful if portamento is desired).

    I developed it with a Teensy 3.5, but it would probably work just fine on 3.2 or 3.6. It uses the audio input #1 for CV trigger input for the tempo of the arpeggiator. It could be coded to use MIDI time clock for tempo via the MIDI in, but my keyboard doesn't transmit MIDI clock so I'm not going to mess with that right now. If you don't have anything to trigger CV for the clock, you can modify a variable in the code that will hardcode the tempo. If you do that, the only things you'll need to try this out are a MIDI keyboard and a MIDI sound module. I'm using it with a Behringer Neutron and a run-of-the-mill MIDI keyboard.

    I've posted my code here:
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