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es buddy: add on PCBs project

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  • es buddy: add on PCBs project

    I'd like to share my current project with you:

    Its called es_buddy and provides open source PCB add on boards for the EuroShield:
    • A Teensy 4.0 adapter
    • A twister board to turn your Teensy by 180 degrees so the USB connector is pointing upwards
    • A display board that supports a LCD (160x128) or OLED (128x64) SPI display
    • A rotary encoder with button
    All boards can be combined as a you like and support both Teensy 3.2 and 4.0.
    Just order your PCBs with the supplied gerbers from your board supplier.

    Additionally, an es_buddy Ardunio library is available that allows to access all the new features and write code that runs on both Teensy boards.