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  • Sample Code filename conventions

    I was gonna post this in the sample-code discussion but it seems to be read-only.

    There's a minor issue with the Euroshield sample code that Christine posted, which is a side effect of the 1010 company name conflicting with a needlessly restrictive file-naming convention used by the Arduino IDE. Specifically, the Arduino IDE doesn't like .ino files that begin with numbers. So, for example, if I attempt to open 1010Saw.ino (or any other example) in the IDE by double-clicking on it, I get an error message, "Could not create the sketch". The workaround is to rename all the project folders (and the ino files they contain) to start with a letter, such as X1010. Underscores seem to work okay, so maybe _1010 is more readable.

    FYI, I experienced this on Arduino IDE 1.8.2 running on a Mac (but I'm pretty sure it's the Arduino IDE and not the Mac which is being picky).

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    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It does work on the Windows version.


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      I experienced the same error on Windows 10.. Thanks for posting jbum!