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This Euroshield is amazing

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  • Christine
    Thanks for the kind words. Glad you are enjoying it !

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  • nshaver
    started a topic This Euroshield is amazing

    This Euroshield is amazing

    I just wanted to post somewhere here to say how happy I am with my Euroshield+Teensy3.2. I just got it today and I've already managed to code up a MIDI polysynth with waveform selection via one of the pots, and with a CV clock detector via one of the inputs. It would have taken me forever to get this far if I were just starting with a Teensy and audio board. The Euroshield is allowing me to experiment building Eurorack modules without the fear of blowing up one of my other modules because I barely know what I'm doing with electronics. Thank you so much for creating this device.