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Using with Teensy 3.2 with Audio Shield

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  • Using with Teensy 3.2 with Audio Shield

    Hello all!

    I'm very excited to start using my Euroshield but had some trouble booting it up on first go. I am using a Teensy 3.2 but it does have the Audio shield from the Teensy website attached to it. I'm assuming that is the reason why mine won't pass any signal through because maybe the audioshield is not playing nice with the Euroshield connections. Ill be ordering another Teensy 3.2 without the shield to make sure but just wanted to confirm here at the forums.. Also do any of the leds light up on power on just wondering..? Thanks for any help. Can't wait to get started.

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    The Euroshield uses many of the same signals as the Audio shield. I'm not surprised to hear that they conflict. Many people have successfully used the Teensy (by itself) plugged into the Euroshield.

    Also, the LEDs require your code to light up. Some of the samples demonstrate this.


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      Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I figured but just wanted to double check with you guys. Ill update as soon as I get my extra Teensy. Will make sure to try the codes examples included. So stoked!