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  • DAC/ADC Bit Rate


    I am very interested in connecting my computer and its custom softwares to the Eurorack world. The euroshield looks super promising.

    However, one thing I can't seem to figure out or find out is what's the DAC/ADC rate on the Euroshield? Coz 32 bit internal processing is great, but if DAC/ADC are only 12 bit, there is still a dithering process. And it's not ideal for control voltages.

    An additional question is, is it possible to connect my computer via usb to the Teensy board, and send CVs that way? I am not terribly familiar with the Teensy board. But when I used Arduino boards, I had to send data via an ethernet sheild.

    Thank you!

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    The euroshield has 16-bit DACs and ADCs. The sample rate is controlled by the Teensy and is usually 44.1kHz.

    You can connect your computer to the Teensy while it is also connected to the euroshield and powered up. I am pretty sure that you can use the Teensy as a USB peripheral and send CV. We don't have sample code for that configuration. The people on the Teensy forum are extremely helpful for this kind of thing.


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      Thank you very much Aaron!


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        how do I record my songs from the blackbox to a daw?