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    My wishlist for the euroshield would start with Teensy 4.0 compatibility. It would be great if there were some sort of adapter that would make it viable with the Euroshield 1 but I would also be happy to buy a Euroshield 2 if it worked with the 4.0.

    Euroshield 1 wishlist: Code demos for Trigger and Gate input. Code demos for Trigger and Gate outputs. Code demo for Envelope Generator (I think I almost have that done, though it is trigged from MIDI, not an analog input). I love the code demos as a signal processing unit, but it would be great to get some logic and event level demos as well. Euroshield could develop into a replacement Disting with some more code demos, I would love to see it get there.

    Euroshield 2 wishlist: 4.0 (of course). USB A input using the Teensy 4 headers (this might require the Teensy 4 to be soldered to the board, which wouldn't be a deal-breaker for me) . If it did have to be soldered, then perhaps it could have a real front panel with an addition usb for teensy programming? SD card slot. 4 analog i/o (2 audio stacks) Analog trim pots for the i/o (probably too much to ask)?

    The most important 4.0 feature for me would be the USBA port and SD port, but I'll buy it no matter what features it has.