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    Lately my Euroshield arrived and I really like it. Especially the choice of the unused pins, so you can use other SPI Devices. Here are some suggestions for the next version that came to my mind while tinkering:
    • Breakout holes/ soldering points for the unused Pins + GND and Voltage Pins
      • I managed to hook up a tft display using long female pin headers on the teensy. But all breadboard wires are now plugged in at the front panel. It would be very convenient to have the unused pins and voltages exposed so one can choose to solder pin headers to the back or front. They could be used to make a kind of expander board while the wires are in the back.
    • Rotary instead of the potentiometer (at least one)
      • Rotary Encoders are a bit more complex to handle but are more versatile when it comes to scrolling through menus.

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    If the wishlist also includes for the sample code, I'd really like to see one for sample playback.


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      thanks for the feedback. We will keep it in mind.