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GLIDE Case For The 1010music Bluebox (Analog Cases)

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  • GLIDE Case For The 1010music Bluebox (Analog Cases)

    So many forum users have asked... Analog Cases delivered! Check out this new case design for our blackbox and bluebox!

    The Blackbox and Bluebox give you complete recording and mixing capabilities in the palm of your hands. With a portable sampler and mixer this powerful, you’re going to want a case to protect it while you’re on the go.

    The GLIDE case for the Blackbox and Bluebox is custom molded to fit perfectly, exactly without taking away from the amazing portability of the device. The high-resolution touch screen on the Blackbox and Bluebox is great for writing full songs or applying effects with a minimal design, so a case that prevents any scratches or cracks will be a lifesaver.

    The GLIDE Case is made of durable and stress-tested EVA material, which will prevent any damage from drops or spills, and it also features an interior pocket to hold any cables for recording in the wild.
    • Custom designed for the 1010music Blackbox and Bluebox
    • Durable molded EVA exterior
    • Super-soft velvet lining
    • Interior dimensions 6.25 x 5.5 x 1.5

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    Great ! Blackbox deserves some great protection when on the go.

    But where's 1010music's square stand that fits a flat battery, a mini-speaker, a power switch and a passive TRS A/B converter, to put underneath the Blackbox for mobile usage ?

    Does that make more sense two years after and with a second tabletop product coming ?

    if it's flat enough, it'll even fit in the GLIDE case.