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Discussion of Bluebox emphasizing Stems right off

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  • Discussion of Bluebox emphasizing Stems right off

    Stems was my request with the Blackbox, and addressing the stems issue in the bluebox is appreciated. I’ll be getting one in the new year. Thanks!

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    However, an offline stem export on the Blackbox itself would definitely be cool for those who want to continue/finish or master the project in the DAW.


    • robertdryer
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      Yeah I agree, song mode should have stems. But we’ve covered this a lot here. 1010 guys have moved onto BlueBox and beyond. I’m ok now that I’ve processed what Blue box is. I actually give singer songwriters an interface, studio one, and a mic when we do projects now under covid. Blue box would save a lot of mixing collaboration headaches. For a grand an engineer and a band or singer songwriter can both have a Blackbox and the engineer can take their recoding and soft mix and take it to a DAW and really take projects to another level. Actually opens up a lot of ideas beyond the BB I’m beginning to grow on.

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    lol jayneural is already famous within the 1010 team


    • Steve
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      We keep a close eye on that guy!

    • jayneural
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      That's probably why I always feel like... somebody's watching me !