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  • Release date

    Are we still expecting the bluebox to be ready this December? I’ve had mine preordered for months. I’ve heard rumours of delays but haven’t heard anything format from 1010 on this.

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    Thanks for asking.

    We expect the bluebox to ship from China to us on Christmas day. That means delivery to us here in the states and our distributor either right before or after New Years Day. From there, your retailer should have it in the first week of January.

    We apologize for the delay and look forward to making you happy very soon.


    • chmjacques
      chmjacques commented
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      Do you know when a manual might be available? I'm awaiting my pre-order, but I would like to get a chance to familiarize myself with the Bluebox before I have my hands on it, if possible.

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    Looks like it will take even longer for France. Thomann has changed the shipping estimate of my Bluebox order shipping to Jan 15


    • Aaron
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      They should be able to beat that. We are shipping directly from China to our distributor in Germany. Thanks for your patience.

    • tomeso
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      We try to not make any promises we cannot keep. So when talking about shipping dates we usually add a little headroom, just to be safe. We rather make you happy with faster shipments than to disappoint you in case things take a little longer than expected. ;-)

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    Thanks for the update Aaron - I think we all know delays happen, and that’s not far off your original timeline which is pretty good! Happy to have this confirmed though - I think that’s the most important part.


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      I am sorry to report that there have been further delays at the factory. We are now looking at shipment from the factory during the first week of January. That puts the units in retailers hands the second week of January and in your hands around the third week of the month.

      We are very sorry to keep you waiting. We look forward to getting bluebox to you very soon.


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        Thanks for the update - good to know.


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          Good news: The initial shipment is due to arrive in the US on January 8th, 2021 and very close to that in Germany. This makes the third week of January a solid estimate for when you can expect yours to arrive.


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            My bluebox was shipped from a German reseller on Thursday, January 14th and arrived on Monday the 18th. Couldn't be happier