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List of MIDI learnable functions

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  • List of MIDI learnable functions

    Just briefly perused the manual, and it says that the MIDI learn-able functions will be highlighted in blue, but then does not list or enumerate exactly which functions are actually controllable via MIDI. For example, in one of the pictures, gain seems to be highlighted in blue, but I am unsure if this means that I can, for example, use physical slider controls on a MIDI controller to control the levels of each track in real time.

    Is there a list somewhere of exactly which functions are able to be controlled via MIDI? Planning on picking this up/preordering via Sweetwater for their no interest financing, but a little extra info beforehand would be helpful. Thanks.

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    In general, all of this stuff can be automated via MIDI:
    • Everything on the MIXER page, including the various track levels, solo, mute, etc.
    • All of the EQ parameters
    • All of the FX parameters
    The output levels and compressor parameters are not currently available via MIDI.