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  • Recommendation for cables

    Does 1010 or anyone else have any recommendations on some very high quality "road worthy" cables and splitters, with real / soldered metal jacks (not plastic molded) that fit the Bluebox correctly? It can be hard to know if a cable or splitter will fit x 6 because the jacks are so close together. And in general most 3.5 to 1/4" cables that I have used are fairly poorly constructed / cheap and tend to degrade and fail over time.
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    These are molded ends but have been reliable for me. I have a set in 3ft and 6ft. There are similar-looking cables out there but these specific cables are the perfect size for our jack spacing.

    Check out the bluebox overview video to see these in action.


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      Sorry Steve I don't mean to be rude but those really look like exactly what I was trying to avoid. Interestingly, under accessories 1010 music sell what look like very nice cables with metal connectors and nice looking braided wire but they are 3.5 TRS to 3.5 TRS for my application I may occasionally need one of those but the bulk of my need would be 3.5mm to 1/4" L/R. Perhaps as more people start using bluebox they could share which cables they are finding to be robust and will fit on the bluebox.


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        No offense was taken. I understood what you were asking for. I have had surprisingly good experiences with these so I share them. We do sell metal ends on our site but they are, as you mentioned, not y-cables. For me, the size is more important as the jack spacing is tight. I'd rather buy extras and replace them when needed. I had to buy a few brands before I found these. And though I did not buy any with metal ends, these were the only cables small enough to utilize all 6 inputs. I'd be interested to hear what other people use.

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      I'm a prospective Bluebox purchaser and agree that the cable issue is important. The first thing I think when I see that closely spaced set of jacks is that I'll have issues connecting cables. This seems to be confirmed by Steve, who seems to indicate that he "had to buy a few brands" before he found breakout cables that would work with the Bluebox jack spacing. It seems odd to me that 1010 doesn't have clearly indicated guidance on this, or suitable breakout cables for sale on their website.

      I have some Volcas, among other things, that I would want to connect to the Bluebox. The Volcas have stereo minijack outputs, but actually output a mono signal (i.e., both channels are the same). I would be interested in finding the most efficient way of connecting up the Volcas without wasting a full stereo input on each.