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    I'm not sure if there's already a dedicated thread so I'll post what I found here.

    (firmware is 1.0.7)

    - Maintaining the B button shut off the Bluebox
    - Despite being displayed as "off" as saved in the current project, the compressor is on when the Bluebox starts
    - I had a UI freeze when manipulating the eq. Sound was still ok though. Can't seem to reproduce it now.
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    just one observation from me for this list:
    - loaded a project with one soloed track, but all tracks play (can be resumed by unsolo and solo again)


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      Love my new bluebox, it does exactly what I hoped it to do!

      One bug and one potential bug I've encountered so far, starting with the latter:
      - After updating to 1.0.7 the Bluebox occasionally opens another preset when I start it than the one that was loaded when I turned it off.
      - Twice today I have had the Bluebox freeze with only a really annoying high pitched sound coming out of the main out and headphones. Restarting the machine solves it. It's hard to pin point what happened here. I did not touch the Bluebox at any of the two moments when it froze. My setup consists of a Blackbox, a Bluebox, an Audiothinges Micromonsta 2, and a Blokas Midihub. MIDI out of the Blackbox goes to the Midihub which distributes it to the Micromonsta over MIDI and to the Bluebox over USB. The Blackbox acts as both sampler and sequencer for the Micromonsta (MIDI notes reaches the Bluebox as well I suppose). Original PSU is used with a USB cable from DJ Techtools (same for the Blackbox except it uses an iPad PSU).


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        - Maintaining the B button shut off the Bluebox
        Well, yeah, it's right there in the manual. It's called "sleep mode"
        IIRC the compressor setting bug is fixed on an update