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Midi Sync over USB as device instead of host?

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  • Midi Sync over USB as device instead of host?

    I understand how the usb device port on the bluebox works as a midi host for external devices, but is it possible for the bluebox to act as a usb midi device through the type B port instead? I'd like to use it with a standalone USB midi host.

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    No. That port is only used for power. What are you wanting to connect?


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      There are two different items I would like to sync the bluebox with in separate situations. I would like to plug it into a bomebox, which is a standalone midi host I use to route midi revolving around a squarp pyramid as a master for one use case. The other I would like to use it with an MPC ONE in standalone mode, which also acts as a USB host. I can do what I want over 5 pin, but that requires extra cables and a 5 pin midi merge box. It's certainly not a big deal, but definitely a question that isn't covered by any of the documentation I could find.


      • Steve
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        One of our users created a small Arduino-like device that allows for connecting 2 MIDI hosts. The user is John Park. He shared the diagram and a link to purchase the parts if interested.

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      I don't know why I have not purchased a BomeBox yet. I want one. I met the developer at NAMM the year before it was released. I remember drooling over that box. Now, I may need to revisit that. Anything wonderful or not so wonderful you can share? The config tool looks deep. How user-friendly is the interface?


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        I can't speak much about everything it can do. I don't use any complicated routing schemes, it just makes things very convenient. I just plug my synths with midi over USB and my controllers all into the same hub connected to the bomebox, and most things just work.


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          I was poking online for USB-host-to-USB-host connection solutions, and stumbled upon this small Spanish company that is selling a ready made device:


          • Dymaxion
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            Ooh, this is slick!

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          The bomebox will negotiate two hosts, the issue is actually connecting to the bomebox. I've never had success with any type a to type a usb cable for anything other than basic data transfer as mediated by special software from pc to pc. If the bluebox does not handle data through the type b port, it cannot be connected. The MPC one is both a host and a device, but when it's in device mode it is only capable of acting as a controller. I can do what I need to do, I just have to do it via 5 pin.