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  • Using templates question

    Quick question, is there a way to load a template into a project? Lets say I have a template for 8 mono inputs with specific eqs on each trakck and I want to apply it to a project im working on, is there a way to load that template into an already existing project?

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    No. But you can still get to what you are after in a slightly different way.

    If you find yourself in this situation, save your project and load the template you want to use. From the EDIT screen, touch FIle > Add to add the files you recorded in the previous project to the new 'template' you just opened.


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      Rather than start a new thread I thought I'd tack onto this one if that's OK?

      Is it possible to create a project, save it and then load it to use as a template? I'm thinking the only way I can see it working is you just re-load the same project, but make any WAVs already recorded the in-active copy?


      • Steve
        Steve commented
        Editing a comment
        SaveAs Template... is not working properly at the moment. The key to avoiding the issue, for now, is to remove the audio files (from the EDIT screen) before SaveAs Template... otherwise, yes, you can do what you are asking. This will get fixed.

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      Thanks Steve