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Clocking external device via MIDI to a CV clock

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  • Clocking external device via MIDI to a CV clock

    So I recorded some stuff, turned off my Eurorack for the night, and wanted to go back and record a few more tracks the next day. Used tap tempo in my 4MS Quad Clock Divider based on the tempo of my previously recorded kick drum, and it took many, many tries to get it sync'ed manually this way. Realized that two of the tracks that I was trying to record did not do so (I had them muted, but record enabled, and they showed up as having a signal as the sequence was playing, but did not end up recording...I thought muting would only silence them to focus on the other track I was recording, but that they would still record in order to listen to them dice. They did not record), so I ended up recording them again, and after many, many attempts, they still were not perfectly in sync.

    So I tried to run MIDI from the Bluebox into my Nifty Case, which has a built-in MIDI to CV converter. The clock pulses showed up on the Nifty Case, but then when I sent them out to the QCD, they were not recognized. The QCD divider manual states that is set for a 2.5 volt clock by default, but when I sent the clock from Bluebox via MIDI to the Nifty Case, which pulls out the clock signal, the QCD does not recognize the signal at all.

    So I am not sure where the problem is...the MIDI that Bluebox is sending out, or the Nifty Case interpreting that data. The Nifty Case IS ticking the clock on its LED, but the QCD does not seem to respond.

    I also have a Bitbox that I am having the QCD trigger to record the drum samples, but not sure if I can clock from there instead of the Bluebox, because I would still need to send a clock out, and the Bitbox has a clock in, not out. So in theory, I could send MIDI out of the Bitbox to the Nifty Case, which would extract the clock to send it to the QCD, which is what it triggering its samples in the first place. But do not know how to incorporate the Bluebox back into this scenario.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Tried it with the Beat Step Pro and the Minibrute 2 last night with the same results.