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best patch cables for the bluebox

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    Yes, there is no Black Magic adapter, but I have one Hosa that is fairly thick and never use, and a bunch of Black Market adapters that are perfect. Highly recommend Black Market adapters for the Bluebox.


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      I'm very very close to ordering a Bluebox from Thomann. I've searched their options for "3,5 stereo to 2 x 6mm Mono, Y-cables". They have two options that both seem to fit side by side on the Bluebox.
      Have anyone tried any of these two?
      The "Pro Snake" is under half the price of the "Cordial". Is the Pro Snake-quality good or worth spending some extra om Cordial?

      Pro Snake:



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        They both look small enough to fit comfortably in the bluebox. I like the pro snake because it has less bulk in the middle of the cable. But that's only a preference.


        • CharlieThorstenson
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          Thanks for the reply, Steve. You've got a point on the bulk there..! Will go for the Pro Snake

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        FWIW, I picked up a bunch of AxcessAbles cables (, and they fit well with about 1.5mm of space between each plug.


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          Okay. A little update on my search for fitting cables. Thought this might help someone

          Does not fit:
          • Pro Snake cables. Both "TPY 2003 KBB" and "TPY 2015 KPP" are too big to fit side by side.

          • Cordial (CFS 1.5 WW) 3,5mm stereo
          • Hosa YMP-137, Y-cable
          • Hosa CMP-153, 3,5mm to 2x tele
          The Hosa connectors are oval in the shape on the 3,5mm side. If you have them in same "direction" they fit nicely! Here's a picture of the Hosa cables on the Bluebox.


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            Hi Charlie,
            are the Cordial CFS a tight fit or is there any space at all between each connector?

          • sydilaxe
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            I have used both the Hosa adapters and the Black Market Modular ones. The Black Market adapters are worlds better in terms of fit and build. Both function well though.

          • Steve
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            sydilaxe 100% agree

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          Hi, I measured the spacing of the jack in-outputs on the rear; assuming that you're using the same type & brand cables for all in-/outputs, the diameter of the outer barrel/strain relief should be less than 10mm..


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            Originally posted by Yokiiim View Post
            I'm using this one, it's really awesome :
            ACK. I use them, among others, to connect & route instrument outs from my DrumBrute, which are 3.5 mm mono. Fine look & feel.

            If you are resident in Europe, the best buy in this case could be Music Store Professional. Thomann seems not to carry them.