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Beatstep Pro compatibility issue - transport (USB MIDI)

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  • Beatstep Pro compatibility issue - transport (USB MIDI)

    Anyone but me having reoccurring issues with using BB together with the BSP using USB MIDI?

    When I press start on BlueBox, Hell is unleashed - both down the MIDI chain and within the BlueBox:
    First nothing happens, then a lot of "crazy" stuff happens for a while (sort of stuttering, BPM run away or something of that sort, beats and notes firing of like pop corn)

    I have half a work around, therefor I post here rather than on the Support sub forum and I am therefor currently not investigating further, but I would be interested if someone else recognize this issue. My work around is to use the transport buttons on the BSP instead of transport control on BlueBox. Not ideal partly since BlueBox will not accept REC from BSP transport buttons so I have to remember to use controls on both of the gear at the same time. Additional info: . FW 1.0.11. I have a couple of synths connected to BSP Midi port. No gear to BlueBox TRS midi ports, only USB midi connected to BSP.

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    USB MIDI is bi-directional. It sounds like you have created a MIDI sync loop.