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Connect Ipad with iConnectivity mioXC

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  • Connect Ipad with iConnectivity mioXC

    So been thinking of trying to use an old Ipad as a controller for my Bluebox using TouchOSC. I've understood that I need some form of a midi interface between the Ipad and the Bluebox to get them to talk to eachother, and I'm wondering if iConnectivitys mioXC can be used for this, together with an Ipad camera adapter? Would prefer it over the other mio-products since it's a lot smaller and cheaper.

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    You will need 2 TRS adapters, of course, but it should work. I know you mentioned the price, but you might consider the Mio2. It is more $$ but you get 5 pin Jacks that you can use with 5-pin to TRS MIDI cables for a much cleaner cable run to the front panel of the bluebox. It also allows you to mix USB and 5-pin/TRS devices. Just a suggestion.