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Bluebox + daw newbie question!

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  • Bluebox + daw newbie question!

    I connect 3 different analog synths to bluebox. My Arturia keystep is connected to the computer by usb and midi between all synths in to keystep with a midi splitter.
    I open cubase pro creating an audio track and a midi track pointed to keystep.
    Can I get the sound and midi information for each synth into the cubase without triggering all the synths in the same audio track i created.?

    I'm new to the analog world, hope I could explain myself as simply as possible.

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    If I read your questions correctly, are you sending the audio from the synths into Cubase? And you want to record the audio on different channels inside Cubase? Which Audio/MIDI interface are you using?


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      You need to create an audio and midi track for each synth. You need to tell your daw which audio input to listen to for each synth. You need to set each synth to a different midi channel and make sure your midi tracks match. Then arm whichever track for record on the midi track to play that synth.