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Connect USB hub to BlueBox for multiple USB midi devices

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  • Connect USB hub to BlueBox for multiple USB midi devices

    Hi all,

    Would it be possible to connect two or more USB midi devices through the bluebox device input using a USB hub, something like this?
    And if this would work, does is need to be USB 3.0 or is 2.0 fine as well? Or do I need a wall-powered USB hub, like this one?

    I just got my blueblox last week and after ordering some converter cables I'm really digging it! I am really curious about the option to use USB midi devices to map different parameters to. I'd like to be able to control a lot of parameters such as mutes, solo's, effect sends, cue sends and some EQs.
    The problem is that my space it really limited right now (hence why I was attracted to the bluebox in the first place), so a big all-in-one midi controller is not really an option for me. The ideal setup would be two or more small midi devices, let's say the size of a Korg NanKontrol 2 or a DJ Techtools midi fighter, and scatter them around my desk. Would something like the above mentioned USB hub work for this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    The bluebox supports a single USB MIDI device. Hubs are not recognized.


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      Thanks for the fast reply Steve! Follow up question; would two midi devices be recognised if one was connected to the USB device input and the other through the midi trs input?


      • Steve
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        yes. You can even send MIDI thru a USB device and it should be fine. The Device port only recognizes the first controller.

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      Thanks! I'll try it out sometime next week