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Roadmap for Bluebox?

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  • Roadmap for Bluebox?

    Is there a roadmap for updates to the Bluebox? I know the sales documentation mentions “firmware updates” for additional features (at least on the Blackbox).

    Just wondering if there is anything confirmed such as:

    Per track compression
    More FX
    Audio interface support



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    In general 1010music haven’t really revealed new features until there’s abeta available. I think this in part is due to the fact that they want people to buy their machines for what they are rather than what they may eventually be. While I personally would be happy to know features are coming I also probably would be a bit dissapointed if for some reason a promised feature did not end up in the firmware so I’m happy with how it is. I also think it is a very valid point that people should buy for what it currently is. Compare to the current line of MPCs where disk streaming was promised ages ago but still hasn’t materialzed.


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      There already has been an update that delivered features that I wanted:
      - dual mono for output 2 (for two effects sends)
      - punch in/punch out and a scrubbable timeline for recordings
      - UI refinements and FX control consolidation (although I would love to see the additional reverb parameters accessible again).

      I can't speak for 1010's roadmap, but I could see per track compression happening if CPU resources permit. A compressor algorithm exists and maybe it could be adopted for tracks with a sidechain feature... who knows.

      I don't see audio interface support ever happening.

      FX, looping, sample rate changing... I will lump those in the "doubtful, but we'll see" bucket.


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        48kHz is such a bizarre choice for music (stems from video). I do hope they offer some more sample rate options.


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          I personally would love the audio/midi interface feature, would easily become the best companion to my iPad. But I know it’s a quite difficult one so maybe it’ll never happen or it will not happen very soon.

          however what I do see as a possible feature besides side-chain compression would be a mastering chain to master either your lives or your already recorded tracks.

          That would enhance the use-cases significantly.

          some disto/saturation/de-sser fx per channel would also be great.
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            They need to crack the code and add class compliant audio to take take it to the next level. There's an ocean of ios users waiting and eyeing this thing up