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    Sorry for newbie questions but I'm having trouble. I've just recently started using my new bluebox, and, following the quick start guide, I have yet to hear any of my instruments make sound through the device. I have everything plugged in and set up according to the guide. I also have updated to the most current firmware.

    I'm not experienced using recording mixers so I'm sure it's something I'm missing. Also, I am listening through headphones only as i don't have any monitors to connect yet.

    thanks in advance for any provided help.

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    Happy to help. First, which version of firmware (as a number) are you using? What is connected to the outputs? If you simply connect headphones and push play - you will not likely hear anything. The Phones is a custom mix unless you set it to mirror the Main mix. MAIN > B. Does this explain what you are experiencing?


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      Hi. I'm using the second most current version (don't recall number but it doesn't end in 3.), and I have 3 synths plugged into 1, 2, and 3.I have worked out what, I suspect, are some if not all, of my issues. I switched to a traditional mixer and saw I was having issues. These turned out to be related to power (from that particular outlet), so I got some things to work.

      I've also had a couple of instrument issues too, which hopefully I have worked out. So I will test this evening and see if it's behaving as it should, with a change in outlet. I also didn't know about the custom setting with the headphones, which I appreciate the other poster pointing out. Hopefully things will work as they're supposed to. I'll come back with an update this evening. Thanks for getting back to me. Most apprediated.

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    Hi Steve,

    As some folks might be new to mix busses, why did 1010 decide that the default setting for phones should be "custom mix"? It was not difficult for me to figure out the phones configuration, but for someone new who just wants to plug in their gear and headphones, wouldn't "main mix" be a better default setting?


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      For some. But there is no single setting that pleases everyone. That said, the Phones mix can be customized to your liking. This is not too unlike most digital mixers.