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Bluebox - first impressions and routing questions

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  • Bluebox - first impressions and routing questions

    Hi all,

    I received my Bluebox yesterday, definitely very happy so far. Saves so much space compared to my previous Soundcraft S12, amazing piece of kit.

    Some first impressions:
    • initially, I wasn't getting any input levels, I had to basically 'uncheck' the inputs in the track menu, then reactivate them, then they worked properly.
    • on first 'boot' there was no output. Power cycling resolved the problem.
    • ground noise was evident when connected to same power bar as my studio monitors. This was resolved by putting it on its own strip (as many have mentioned). What I did find incredibly interesting, is that when it was on the same strip as my monitors, in 4-track mode there was almost no noise, but when switching to 6-track, the noise markedly increased. I'm guessing that this is because of increased power draw in 6-track mode?
    • the USB power input is about as tight/sturdy as anything I've used. For power cycling I'll definitely be using the wall socket.
    • when using a splitter to connect to monitors, don't only check for the length of the splitter, but where the "split" takes place. The "split-point" on the Y-cables I purchased was far too close to the ends, meaning that even though the cable was long enough, the split couldn't reach between the 2 monitors. Luckily I had another one lying around that works for the moment.
    • I got the Cordial CFY cables, there is plenty of space on the back of the Bluebox to accommodate them.
    Now, I'm sure nobody wants to do anybody else's routing homework, but I'm racking my brain trying to find the most optimal way to put everything together. I feel like I should put more effort into using the inputs on the Digitone/Octatrack, but coming from a system where I tried to make sure that everything had its own track, I guess I'm a bit wary about it

    If anybody has any ideas about how to optimize/reroute or whatever for the diagram below, I'm all ears. I've been thinking and dreaming about this way too much and am out of any 'creative' ideas.


    Click image for larger version

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    In the new firmware, you can split out two into two mono sends (unless you want to maintain stereo image). You could mix a synth through the Octatrack inputs to free up an input on the Bluebox as well.


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      Thanks for the tip, seems like a great way to split out2 into the Strymon and Eventide since I don't think it's too necessary for delay/reverb to have stereo inputs, updating firmware now


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        This gives you separate control for your reverb and delay sends, what threw me off is that the Out3 send levels are only available from the mix page and not the Track page. You only have access to Out2 on the track page.