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Transport and portability - small PELI case with MIDI controller, power bank

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  • Transport and portability - small PELI case with MIDI controller, power bank

    Hello all, I recently put this together as a test. The (fake) Peli case was bought ages ago for a different project but is perfect for the Bluebox, and the Launchpad Mini Mk3 was £25 used. The Krisdonia powerbank was also bought used and I velcro'd it to the bottom of the Bluebox and added some feet for out-of-the-box stability. I considered the internal battery mod but at least the external option means easy troubleshooting/upgrading and less risk. It also means I can power other devices from the same source. No ground loop noise yet though!
    I bought lots of right-angled 3.5mm / minijack adapters a while ago as I had some Roland Boutiques and wanted to reduce wear and tear whilst saving space. They came in very handy with the Bluebox. Most connectors are flush now. I need to get a short USB-B up-angle cable for power though. Less stress on the expensive bits!
    I want to drill holes in the Peli case and add grommets & sockets for cables and/or sockets for MIDI etc but I'm still pondering.. I have a passive stereo DI box which might also live in the Peli. I want a kind of mini patchbay but need to consider a few things before committing.

    Thought I'd share as it's a nice little setup for me. I'm aiming to record elsewhere with friends, and at home. I'm always over careful when the Bluebox is 'naked' on a tabletop and once the Peli has the holes/sockets for external connection it'll be worth the extra size, but I need to get the holes right in the first place as I still want it weather-tight.
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    nice powerbank. how much time do you get with bluebox?


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      Hi Steve, I've been messing about with a stopwatch on and here's the first hour's statistics:

      12000 mAh (12 Ah) Krisdonia powerbank with Novation Launchpad Mini Mk3 plugged in with no other peripherals
      I got the powerbank used and can't remember how much I paid sorry. I always try and buy used but sometimes it's a gamble with batteries...
      2x mono tracks and 2x stereo tracks plus master recorded (and those same tracks played back minus the master track)

      0min 100%
      12min 97% (no recording)
      30min 92% (recording & playback throughout)
      45min 87% (playback throughout)
      60min 84% (playback throughout)

      So in theory that's 16% per hour, which should give 6.25 hours total until 0%, but stay tuned. Pretty amazing even if it's half that though...


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        Aaaand the latest results are in...

        Same amount of tracks:

        90min 75%
        120min 65%
        150min 57% (playback throughout)
        180min 47% (playback throughout)

        So again, around half capacity used in 3 hours. Powerbank and Bluebox were both warm but not hot. Hope this helps!


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          Awesome setup, thanks for sharing the powerbank info!