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Mid side recording on Bluebox?

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  • Mid side recording on Bluebox?

    Does anyone use the Bluebox for mid side recording? This is a stereo coincident technique that uses 2 mics, one a figure 8, one a standard forward facing condenser. You take the figure 8’s signal, split it into 2 tracks, and pan one hard right and the other left. You then mix in the forward facing mic’s signal and you have a stereo recording that is adjustable by varying the amount of mid and side in the mix. I’m wondering if I could take the signal from one of my UA Volts outputs and split it with a y cable to have 2 identical tracks on the Bluebox, and then pan them appropriately. I’m a happy Blackbox owner, but if there’s a way to make this work, I’d get a Bluebox as well.

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    Since the Bluebox does not have a phase reverse switch, you would need a custom cable because you need to invert the phase of one of the sides of the figure 8 mic.


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      Darn. Forgot about that part! I’m glad one of us remembers how to do m/s correctly. Thanks for your reply. So I guess have a ts to double ts out of one of the volts channels, then pull apart one of the double jacks and reverse the polarity? I assume then feed that into a double 1/4”ts to 1/8” trs male into one of the BB’s channels? Is there an input that would work better from a signal flow point of view? For this stuff, especially field recordings, I don’t apply effects until it’s in a daw.