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Next 1010 desktop product to compliment Black Box

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  • Next 1010 desktop product to compliment Black Box

    What are some ideas for a product 1010 can make to compliment their ever so popular Black Box? I have some ideas that I hope can make it into the next piece of gear.

    Something along the lines of an expanded FX box would be an awesome and very welcomed addition (maybe call it Black Box FX). Three Stereo Audio Ins to compliment the Audio Outs on the black box. Midi and clock in/out of course. Then a stereo TRS out and a phones jack. What would be great is if they can not only put in audio effects, but midi effects as well, such as randomizers, assignable LFO, rhythm generators, etc. With the inclusion of midi effects, I can see the tool being useful even to those that don’t have a Black Box. I would love to be able to have more LFOs to modulate some of my desktop synths like the Prophet 6 and OB6, as those lack the abundance of modulation. To have that kind of power in such a small footprint can open up a world of possibilities to already existing synthesizers.

    I’m curious to see what others think.

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    great idea
    3 Audio inputs With Independent fx Busses Sounds Great
    maybe 2 MIDI outs with MIDI Fx .....