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Workflow issues, no duplicate sequence, no reassign sequence

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  • Workflow issues, no duplicate sequence, no reassign sequence

    Hello BB team and users
    i am experiencing some wired things that are the following!

    1: I am trying to reassign a given sequence to different pads by copying and pasting but BB don't allow me to do this, basically at the moment every sequence is strictly correlated to the pad when it was created in the first place and there is no way to reassign it to a different pad or to multiply pads.

    2: There is no duplicate sequence to lengthen it, so If i make a sequence 16 steps long and than i want to lengthen and duplicate it for 128 steps (classic 8 bar) there is no logical way of doing it, the only way of doing it is to ad 128 steps one by one in the tiny little screen which is extremely frustrating and really kills the music inspiration by spending countless time on utility stuff, i can't believe that BB has no way of DUPLICATE SEQUENCE and REASSIGN SEQUENCE to a different pad or multiply pads!

    please if anyone has solved this would be a massive help because is super frustrating .