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Bitbox Micro Filter Issue on Multi-Sampled Instruments....

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  • Bitbox Micro Filter Issue on Multi-Sampled Instruments....


    So I have multi-sampled some of my synths and have now found that during playback everything is fine until I turn the on board filter down. Once I do this about every 4th note will NOT be filtered as I am plying in Poly mode. I looked, but did not see this issue called out in the forum. I am on firmware 1.0.10

    Please let me know if I am just doing something wrong.

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    I am not able to reproduce this one. Can you share a preset or video that demonstrates it?


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      • Steve
        Steve commented
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        can you clarify how you are changing the Filter parameter in the video? I can't see the values. I can certainly hear what you are referring to, but I want to understand more about what I just watched.

      • jdroecker
        jdroecker commented
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        just using the knob to change the filter%

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      I have tried with samples that came with the unit and my own and all of them in poly mode show this behavior.