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New to the BB. Having an issue.

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  • New to the BB. Having an issue.

    Just got a BB today and was playing around with all the presets and made my own kit using the sounds from the /preset folder. I was able to put in these sounds and then for some reason all the folders in the /preset folder do not have .wav files and are blank. When i go to the preset button on the BB and load these folders in /preset they are fine and are playable. here are some images in order.

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    I think I answered this in an email but I will add here for everyone else.

    Press the PSET button to see/create presets. Presets are the only thing you will see in the PSET menu. Wav files can be anywhere you want them. On an empty pad, press INFO 1x. You will see the wave loading menu. If a pad has a sample loaded, press INFO 1x and touch the filename at the top of the screen to see the wave loading menu.