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  • 44.1khz sample rate

    I really like 1010 products, but I need 44.1khz sample rate in order to avoid unnecessary conversion to use samples recorded in my other gear, I’m quite interested in BlueBox if it will record at 44.1khz - any plans to adopt 44.1 in future?

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    Tell us more about other products that support 44.1kHz? All our products record at 48kHz and it is nice that they are consistent. We don't have any immediate plans for 44.1. That said, we are always listening to requests.


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      Elektron Octatrack, Synthstrom Deluge, Roland MC-707, Pioneer Toraiz SP-16, Akai MPC, there are probably more too, what I think would be of great benefit to owners of those devices is the great sampling on 1010 to make sample libraries and record longer exact bar length samples, most of those don’t handle that well. I wouldn’t suggest dropping 48khz, but it sure would be very nice to have the option to set to 44.1 - might be worth considering?

      Bluebox looks incredibly interesting to a lot of synth guys who want to be able to jam out on hardware and record synced audio, great for capturing jams with the option of refining mix levels etc later, but also some other devices can stream large files from card, so bluebox would be a great way to capture longer sessions on different tracks, then load these into other devices for further manipulation. Converting wav formats can be a hassle, and can sometimes lead to mistakes or problems, if 44.1 was an option in setup then it makes life a bit easier.

      Anyway thanks Aaron for the reply, I will almost certainly get a Bluebox anyway regardless once they are available here in UK, it sure would be nice though, in the Loopop review he mentioned 44.1 in his wishlist too.