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Making a multisampled piano

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  • Making a multisampled piano

    Hi Bitboxers,
    This past weekend I experimented with creating multisampled pianos and uploaded some of the results on the Google page archiving user sounds. For one patch, I sampled each note. I also tried some velocity layers, but didn't like what I created with 4 levels. I'm thinking of creating a mutlisampled EP with 8 velocity layers, and a sample per note. What is the limit of Bitbox multisampled instruments? Has anybody pushed the envelope to see what is too much?

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    So you can have 64 *.wav's per pad, but really I think in this devices' "ideal world", there are 16 *.wav files each associated with a pad. I've found that you can really push the limits (at least in v1.6.5) of what the box is capable of in terms of stream *.wav's (I'm testing with different media also to see how much of a factor that is). I've made an arpeggiated sequence that's so taxing it actually causes all of the lights on the unit to start flashing in sequence :/ .

    In the sample packs I've been making, I've been doing a note per octave. This allows me to have a few pads with which to play.

    If you have one pad with 64 samples: that's the limit for all pads. That can work, but really you need to know what you want from the set if you're going for "fidelity" (which IMO is over-rated; plenty of opportunity in the stuff we just discard). And if you're doing that you'll have to: make the sequence(s) you want, resample them, and then move on with your project.

    So really: I think it depends on what you want.

    Do you want to be able to sketch out a song (e.g. a not per-octave; maybe some velocity)?

    Do you want to have a one-to-one with the synth/instrument? Is MIDI a better option?