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bitbox micro build 1.0.12 screen fickering

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  • bitbox micro build 1.0.12 screen fickering

    Hey everyone,

    Just reporting that the latest build is a great improvement on the bitbox micro screen overheating and flickering issues.

    However, I did notice flickering when going below 3%, to play it safe I have my brightness level currently set at 5.1% and seems to be stable with no flickering (or buzzing sound - see below).

    Another thing I noticed is a buzzing sound from the unit when brightness is set at exactly 0.0% and decreases in sound as you slowly increase the brightness and disappears when set above 2-3% (fine tuning has no impact on this).

    Great job to the team for addressing these fixes, I absolutely love my unit and I look forward to more improvements in the coming builds.



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    Thanks for letting us know.

    I'm not surprised that the very low numbers aren't perfect. Every screen is a little different and we opted to give you more dimming range with the understanding that the very bottom might be unusable.