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  • WAV tags we support

    For those interested in taking advantage of the WAV chunks we use in bitbox and blackbox. Here is some documentation:

    This link has the best documentation I have seen on the overall WAV structure:

    Our products read and write these optional tags:
    • smpl - loop points and root note
    • inst - key and velocity range
    • acid - beat count for clips
    • cue - slice points stored as cue points
    • JUNK - a small unused section to align the audio data with the block size on micro SD cards
    Here is information on the acid chunk:


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    This is fantastic info, thanks! You guys kick ass.


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      whats the best way of changing the tag outside of bitbox? doing it inside takes a real long time.


      • Aaron
        Aaron commented
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        I use Sound Forge on Windows. It's overkill for editing WAV tags. I'm not sure of a good option.

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      Originally posted by camman View Post
      whats the best way of changing the tag outside of bitbox? doing it inside takes a real long time.
      could a software update change how the samples are loaded? it would be much easier if it used the midi note numbers rather than a wav tag. it would make multi-sample loading super easy.


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        Which program for Mac OSX would be able to create ACID tags on WAV? Logic Pro X? Ocenaudio?


        • shankiphonic
          shankiphonic commented
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          I can only add that I googled it to death, and downloaded half a dozen apps and came up with nothing useful.
          Everything was music library editor.
          Now - if Cunningham's law would apply - someone would follow up with a post telling me how wrong I am and finally give us the answer....

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        ANSWER: SampleRobot. $91 USD.

        It is important to know that we do not look at filenames to create multisample sets. We look only at the wavtag. Logic works well but does not write these tags (in my experience) as it renames files.

        Sample Robot will take the sets you have created or purchased and write the necessary data for use in our machines. There are free options....but your time is also worth something. For me, I paid for SR and have never looked back.


        • yamakazi666
          yamakazi666 commented
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          hi steve, I can't make sample robot velocity to work with Black Box... did you make it work ?

        • Steve
          Steve commented
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          I have not used SR in some time. What (exactly) are you trying to accomplish? I'll do my best to help.

        • yamakazi666
          yamakazi666 commented
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          Thanks Steve !

          I've made a tutorial on how to make use SR to get a Kontakt Library on your Black Box.

          I "only" need 6 notes max and 3 velocity layers max.
          I've made a lot of multi-sample that way but when I use them on Black Box, I can't get different velocity layers, it's always the same layer for each notes.

          I can build velocity layers with ala wav in slicer but only on the same root sample.

          Also, I can't find anyc software to check or edit velocity tags.

          Hope you can help me !

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