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Multisample from pre-recorded folder

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  • Multisample from pre-recorded folder

    Hello I'm struggling to find an answer to this. I understand all the multi-sampling options that allow the user to record samples and create a multisample patch, however, is it possible to simply load up a folder of samples with the correct file names for note, velocity etc and create the patch without manually assigning samples? I'd like to take some multisample sets off old sample cds.
    is blackbox of micro better for this?


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    This has been a frequent and recent question about bitbox/blackbox on the forum. Methinks 1010 needs a faq!


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      Both devices are almost identical in terms of multisampling. The multi-sample engine does not look at filenames for pitch, velocity, etc. You can either load those samples one at a time and set the root note - or you can use software like SampleRobot to do this for you - and I believe it will look at filenames and then write the wave tags accordingly.


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        SampleRobot is not free. Loading samples one at a time and setting the root note sounds more boring than some of the MS Excel gymnastics I have to do at work.


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          The MPC software 2.0 is free and has a feauture called Autosampler. Autosampler can write the needed metadata into the audio files.

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          Yes, MPC Beats works fine for root note but velocity data doesn't seems to be taken into account. Do we have more info on how to edit velocity tag in a way that Blackbox understand it?

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        Originally posted by rayultine
        SampleRobot is not free.
        You are correct. It is not free. But it is useful.


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          that's funny. the bitbox mk2 was also not free.