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NEW Blackbox User - I love it! However ..

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  • NEW Blackbox User - I love it! However ..

    .. I'm quite sad about the rubber feet being uneven, and my out of box experience was generally ruined by the fact the rubber feet are not evenly applied, and the thing shakes about a lot when I tap it. Just something for your QA team to be aware of, 1010music .. other than that negative, I absolutely LOVE the thing. If it doesn't settle after a bit of pounding, I'll replace them - hope it won't void my warranty though ..

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    I'm gonna rip off the factory rubbers and put felt. Much better.


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      Mine is steady as a rock but couldn't resist some knurled knobs and a custom SP-1200 style overlay
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      • shankiphonic
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        love the mods!
        tell me more - where'd you p/u the knobs and the overlay?

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      It does not void your warranty. You might try loosening the outer screws and pressing the device down on a flat surface. Slowly tighten. This usually does the job.


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        shankiphonic thanks! The knobs pop off easily. 1010 used really nice pots and very, very sturdy surface couplings so have no fear in removing the knobs. The replacements were from Amazon and offer a bit more grip, though the stock knobs are still pretty good. The faceplate is a magnetic overlay (think: fridge magnet) so it's not too strong yet stays on really well. I'm having lexan prototypes made as well and will likely offer one of the two once the quality is dialed in...more to come on the plates. I've finished almost a dozen designs to make the BB look like an SP202, MPC1000, tr808, SNES, etc.

        Here's a tiktok of the knob replacement:
        Have fun!