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Concept. Desktop Synthesizer to go with Black/Bluebox

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  • Concept. Desktop Synthesizer to go with Black/Bluebox

    So, the trend is to release a new desktop module each year (hopefully).

    We have a sampler/sequencer, mixer/recorder, and hopefully for 2021 we get a synth for the ultimate trio.

    Brownbox? Lmao.

    We could see things pulled from synthbox and waverazor. Many oscillators, filters, sound design abilities.

    Maybe wavetable, speech, basic waves, super wave, unison, karplus strings, bass synth, something similar to the MPC's electric synth, FM, additive, subtractive. It could be the competition to the Digitone, and, like the Digitone, pair well in a similar body to the Digitakt (blackbox in this case).

    Maybe the ability to have multiple oscillators synced.
    A nice sequencer.

    Maybe it could take external audio and process it without actually sampling it. It would be a nice pair to the Blackbox, similar to the Nutekt ( i think ) from Korg.

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    I would totally love waverazor in hardware


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      Exactly thought the same about things from the synth box . I'm hoping . I have not yet purchased the blue box yet although I probably will . A synthbox would be great .