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Using the BitBox2 with NerdSeq

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  • Using the BitBox2 with NerdSeq

    Hey all,

    im trying to figure out how to do break core Venetian snare style drums using these two modules, just using a simple Amen break. I can’t seem to figure out how assign a specific chop to a trigger or voltage, I can get it to move forward using standard triggers but when I retrieved it just pushes it forward. Any info or tips on how to do this would be awesome.


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    I think you are asking about triggering slices via external MIDI and/or CV. I'll proceed as if that is true...

    Sliced wav files will Slices are assigned to C2 (MIDI & CV), ascending chromatically. So a 12 slice wav will map to an entire octave. IF you want to trigger Slice 5, send E2. Slice 7, send F#2, etc. If you are using CV for Slice selection, make sure to use inputs 1-4 and use v/oct setting.

    This video shows the Slicer features on a blackbox thorough the two devices are identical.


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      Exactly what I was looking for, you’re the best!

      thanks a ton!