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Ultimate String Sample for Blackbox

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  • Ultimate String Sample for Blackbox

    Hi, I was sampling a few weeks ago and I captured such an amazing string sound on the blackbox. It reminds me a bit of a sample you might find on an Ensoniq Mirage. It has a distinct quality to it that I think could have only been captured by the Black Box. Good string sounds are hard find and one's that can be played across the keyboard are harder. I would say this sample sounds extremely good in the lower octaves and just gives a fantastic lift to any piece of music. It felt wrong to not share it with you all.

    The sample was built using a single Option 3 variable Oscillator from Electronotes. Ever hear of it? I didn't think so. Check out Electronotes from the 70's if your interested in knowing more. Although this would be cool on it's own, it was a random Zoia Empress feedback patch that created the body of the sample. Link below and I'll keep it up for 4 or 5 days.

    Hope you enjoy!

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    Sounds interesting. Can you update the link?


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      Originally posted by fruitnut View Post
      Sounds interesting. Can you update the link?


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        yes sorry for some reason Dropbox links are giving me a hard time but try try this one.

        I may have to make it a wetransfer