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    I am completely new with the Bitbox 2, but I love it already!!!
    I want to program a beat with the drum mode of the Arturia Keystep pro. But it triggers only one sample. In the manual I read about to load the folder /sfx/drums. But I can't find this folder.

    Thanks for help and best regards


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    You can check out our YouTube channel for videos. The blackbox playlist has a lot of great content to get you started. The underlying concepts are identical to the Mk2. Only a few exceptions to navigating but you likely have that down!

    There are several ways to do most things on the mk2. Let me know if you have questions after watching.


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      Hello Steve

      Thanks a lot for your answer. I have a little trouble with the firmware. I read about version 3. But I only find the version 1.1.6 wich is installed on my Bitbox MK2.

      Best regards


      • Steve
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        1.1.6 is the current build for Mk2. 3.0.4 is the current build for Mk1. Not interchangeable.

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      Thank you, Steve.


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        A last question:

        I would like to distribute the loops on the keyboard on the drum part of my keystep per individual drum sounds and clips. Unfortunately, one clip plays across the entire keyboard. What am I doing wrong?

        Thanks for your help


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          I am guessing you are using MIDI? Make sure you watch this video on MIDI routing. Our devices are unique in some ways and it sounds like you need to disable Global Keys.