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    I am a new user to the Blackbox and like many others really like it.
    I am still discovering things and logged on to download the 1.7 update & new content

    I would just like to suggest a couple of possible inclusions for the Blackbox

    * Using different PAD colors for types of clips, slices, granular, sample - selection could be made by pink outline, similar to selecting sequence.

    *Ability to send CV & Gate normally not just for recording - and to assist an option to set the CV/Gate output 1,2,or 3 instead of other audio.

    * Program changes OUT would be nice sometime- created with the test editor....

    I own an Roland MC202 from wayback and have already started sampling my MC202 (Sh101 inside) to install samples into the Sledge. So easy

    Blackbox is such a wonderful device - thanks for making it.

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    Thanks for posting. Please search the Blackbox Wish List thread and upvote as these requests already exist. Please add all future wish list items (or upvote) to the wish list thread!