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BlackBox as a Playback Device. ie: STEMSSSSSS

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  • BlackBox as a Playback Device. ie: STEMSSSSSS

    i'm interested in buying a Blackbox as a live playback device.

    i'd like to save each song each with their respective stems, each going to their own mono outputs bringing the stems in and out of the mix as needed.

    is the Blackbox suited to this?


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    Sort of, the bluebox might be better at this if you are certain you don't need any midi (cant say 'for sure as I dont have bluebox)

    perhaps if you are not sequencing external gear with midi you can just place a bunch of stems unsliced and trigger them from the sequencer and be good to go, but if you are also sequencing external instruments with midi alongside your stems you may have to deal with some version of the method I describe below
    be prepared for some headaches with the sequencer (has not been updated since v1) and has some major gotchas as I will describe.

    the way I've found it to work with stems (along with midi sequences) pose potential catastrophic live performance issues if not carefully attended to

    one method I've worked out for a "click play and go" type performance is shoe-horning your linear sequential stems into the song mode structure using slices
    Bear in mind I'm also midi sequencing external gear at the same time, so I have to change midi sequences per song section along with stepping through slices of one or more stems linearly

    the process goes like this:
    -prepare sample with slices per song section(for more precision do it in your daw, reaper works best as blackbox sees the marker positions in the wav file, ableton is not your friend here)
    -set sample mode to slicer
    -sliceseq to fwd
    -change to song mode , set record ,trigger your midi sequences and sliced samples per song section, hit play stop and repeat for next section until done

    there are a number of limitations:
    1. - song mode can't have more than 16 sections (maybe this has changed in the latest firmware)
    2. - the slice counter won't reliably reset to the first slice even when you hit stop twice
    3. -the slice number is not recorded into the song section (see previous pt)
    4. -with slice sequencer set to forward, it means when you hit play it advances the slice counter+1-- this is where it starts to suck because you have to prime the non looping slices to the last slice before hitting play --since the slice sequencer counter always starts at a value of 1 (not zero as you would expect ) thus if you are at the first slice when you hit play it will actually start at slice 2, so the workaround is to page through to the last slice since last slice +1=slice 1 before you play the first song section, this also means you can't just start from the middle of the song without priming the sliced sample to the desired slice-1 before hitting play.
    5. -if you enter song mode and then go back to the sample page of your sliced sample, the slice counter doesn't update on the screen (though the waveform does scroll) so you get no live feedback as to the current state of the slice counter

    the slice mode sequencer has not been updated since v1, this seems to me because 1010 music has stated they only focus on updating things people vote for in the wish list forum, since most people seem to be using blackbox to jam loops with, updating the linear sequencing features are pretty much zero priority

    I've found another method of linear sequencing that avoids slicing but it has its own issues and requires input while you are playing so it's not as simple as "click play and go"

    Again if you are only playing single long stems you 'll probably be fine, the issues I'm describing have to do with sequencing external gear along with the samples


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      wow, thank you!


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        FYI, I've added a post to the wish list for fixes to the slicer with the song mode sequencer (please go like the post if improvements to the workflow described above sounds useful to you) :