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Bitbox micro sequencer blackbox micro??

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  • Bitbox micro sequencer blackbox micro??

    Hi, I really like 1010music products. I had the blackbox for a couple of years and now I have the Bitbox micro as my main voice in my eurorack, I normally use a external sequencer (OP-Z) and sometimes a midi controller for more expression and playing live.
    But it would be awesome to have a blackbox style sequencer in the bitbox micro. I know that the toolbox is an option, but I like to keep my eurorack systems small and portable, so adding a bitbox + the toolbox is 26 for each one (or 26+14 if using the micro).
    So I don't mind if its a new product or only an update of the current bitbox firmware (which would be awesome for me since I already have it), but it would be great to have a product like the blackbox for eurorack in a 'micro' format.

    Here is a photo of my sampling eurorack setup.

    Click image for larger version

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    especially since the toolbox is effectively discontinued


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      Hey, its looking good..


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        "To Hell with High Fidelity"

        I love it!!