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Blue Box or Black Box for playing backing tracks live?

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  • Blue Box or Black Box for playing backing tracks live?


    I'm considering Black Box or Blue box to replace my Octatrack mk1 for backing track duties in live situations. There don't seem to be any videos in YT covering the use of Bluebox/Blackbox in backing track purposes.

    With octatrack I have been loading in the wav file, then assigning it into a track in a pattern, setting it play only once in a pattern, then sequence that pattern through the arranger (song mode) to have it run a proper tempo (and send out that tempo through midi). I guess similar approach is possible at least with Black box.

    So I would need:

    1. A device that would be able to play max 10 min long backing tracks. I assume both devices can do that.

    2. I need to be able to have a metronome synced to the backing track, and that metronome can be assigned to be heard only through the headphone out.

    3. I need the device to send out a MÌDI clock that is in sync with the backing track.

    Can both devices do these?

    Is there some aspects that makes either one of the boxes better for backing track purposes?