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blackbox vs bitbox firmwares

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  • blackbox vs bitbox firmwares


    I'm a relatively new Bitbox (mk2) owner. I chose Bitbox over Blackbox bc I'm mostly interested in eurorack format hardware. I noticed the firmware functionalities are mostly the same, the biggest difference being hardware - Bitbox has all the aux jacks for cv and gate i/o. I'm excited about some of the new Blackbox (1.9 beta) firmware updates and wondering - what is the difference between these two systems' firmware (i.e.: does Bitbox eventually receive all the Blackbox updates as well or are they developed completely separately from each other)? I realize a bit of work would be involved to specialize the firmware from one device to another, but seems completely reasonable and feasible in this case. I haven't seen any sort of confirmation anywhere that Bitbox firmware is developed from Blackbox firmware, I've mostly just been assuming it is since they are already nearly identical in functionality.

    Thanks in advance for any replies ~
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